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What we do

Executive Coaching
One to One Coaching:  
We work with Senior Leaders to support them on an individual basis to achieve their full potential and effectiveness. The sessions are entirely confidential and will typically include 12 to 18 hours of coaching over a 6-9 month period. Most often, we will also include in-depth insight interviews (360 feedback) with a number of key stakeholders plus feedback to the coachee.
Coaching can be used for:
  • Onboarding: supporting Leaders in new roles / new companies - creating first 100 day plans; engaging the teams; setting new strategic directions
  • Promotion & succession planning: supporting Leaders to be ready for their new next role as well as working with Leaders to ensure they have a strong succession plan in place
  • Stakeholder management: helping Leaders navigate the complex matrix of stakeholder management - peers and upwards; how to go from being a peer to the Leader
  • Transitional: coaching Leaders through periods of change (planned and unexpected). Redefining what success looks like, bringing people on the journey and rebuilding confidence if necessary
  • Leadership: supporting leaders in getting the best out of their teams and working through particular leadership challenges. Identifying their own leadership style and how to flex that style when necessary
  • Tactical: coaching Leaders on very specific topics / issues (e.g. behavioural or situational)
We are also able to administer a number of psychometric assessments such as Insights, MBTI and Hogan.
Leadership Team and Group Coaching 
We partner with Senior Leadership teams or Extended Leadership Team to coach them on:
  • Clarity of vision, strategy and priorities:  what is their vision, ambition and strategic priorities for next 12 to 36 months? Ensuring that any objectives are tangible and that accountability and next steps are clear. 
  • Team effectiveness: how does the team need to work together to deliver this vision and strategic priorities? How should they behave, lead, engage with each other? How can trust be improved - with each other and with their teams? How can the conversations be more courageous and less confrontational? How can silos be broken down and the team be more aligned with each other and focused on collective success rather than individual success? How can decisions be made more quickly and fairly? What should the operating rhythm be for the team / group?
  • Organisational engagement: How to engage and empower the rest of the organisation to deliver the vision, ambition and strategic priorities as well as ensuring that the organisation is a great place to work. How to ensure that all communication is consistent and aligned and that the teams feel heard. How to lead by example so that the desired culture is achieved.
We will always conduct thorough diagnostics with each team member (either through interview or survey) to understand the real issues and challenges and to help shape the agenda of the team coaching sessions. We will prepare a detailed feedback report which will be shared with the leaders as well as with the team during the team coaching session. Our team coaching session are very practical, pragmatic and action-focused and theory-light although we will introduce some useful tools and interventions. Typically we will work with teams over a 12 to 18-month period meeting every 3-4 months.
Accelerated Change Programme
When team coaching is combined with 1:1 coaching, the impact can be exponential.

We can facilitate your off-sites and conferences ensuring that they run smoothly, are engaging and interactive for the audience and participants. We will design and run bespoke workshops capturing and synthesising the outputs so that the sessions deliver tangible and practical actions.

Stones of Meaning
Coaching Excellence Programme

We have developed an impactful, highly effective and practical coaching skills training programme aimed at Line Managers, offering each participant 40 hours of training, supervision and assessment over a 6-month period. Each participant is required to coach 3 people within their business, thereby increasing further the impact of the programme.

The programme has shown the following benefits to the individual and to the organisation:

  • They are more self-aware of their own value system, their strengths and their development areas

  • They are more effective Line Managers who really understand their direct reports and can properly empower them

  • They have improved their leadership and communication skills and are more motivated and engaged with the organisation

  • They have more productive and supportive 1:1s with their direct reports with less tell. These improved 1:1s can also lead to a more effective and constructive PDR process

  • They are more aware of and have greater empathy with the challenges that other functions and teams are facing in the business which in turn helps to break down siloed behaviours and drive improved business efficiency and growth

  • They have more effective conversations with clients, suppliers and other key stakeholders

  • They have better relationships with their families and friends (in some cases!)

In addition the programme:​

  • Creates a sustainable coaching culture and language within the organisation

  • Builds a strong common purpose and team spirit

  • Helps retain key talent

  • Drives business and individual performance & growth

  • Provides a demonstrable return on investment for the organisation.

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