What we do

Executive Coaching
One to One Coaching:  We work with Senior Leaders to support them on an individual basis to achieve their full potential and effectiveness. The sessions are entirely confidential and will typically include 6 x 2-3 hour coaching sessions over a 6-9 month period. Most often, it will also include in-depth insight interviews with a number of key stakeholders plus feedback to the coachee.
Team and Group Coaching: We partner with Senior Leadership teams around clarity of vision, strategy and priorities; how the team needs to work together to achieve these goals; and how to engage and empower the rest of the organisation to help deliver on them. We will always conduct thorough diagnostics to understand the real issues and challenges and determine the focus on the sessions. Typically we will work with teams over a year meeting on a quarterly basis. 

We will facilitate your off-sites and conferences ensuring that they run smoothly, are engaging and interactive for the audience and participants. We will design and run bespoke workshops capturing and synthesising the outputs so that the sessions deliver tangible and practical actions.

Leadership Assessment and Development

We will evaluate and assess your leadership talent and provide tailored leadership development programmes to ensure that you have the right people in the right roles with the right leadership skills to help maximise your business performance.

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