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Why Contiguity Partners

We partner with organisations and individuals to maximise their performance and effectiveness by unlocking their full potential

We are passionate and fascinated about people and teams and what drives both individual and business performance and effectiveness. We are also obsessed about ensuring that we provide a return on investment for our clients through tangible results.

We have coached clients in the UK and across the globe working both on a 1:1 basis with senior leaders as well as team coaching senior leadership teams. 

We combine our successful leadership backgrounds along with our extensive coaching experience to ensure that we can truly partner with our clients to maximise their potential and performance.

As the Oxford English Dictionary states: "Contiguity is necessary in all forms of learning!"

Victoria Speers
Partner, Executive Coach
Jonathan Patrick
Partner, Executive Coach

Victoria has been a full-time Executive Coach since 2009 and draws on her extensive knowledge of leadership, consultancy and corporate experience to coach senior executives and leadership teams to reach their full potential in order to drive tangible business and personal results.

Jonathan ('JP') brings safety, empathy, experience, encouragement and challenge to all his coaching. After 25 years’ work in industry - including CEO of Mood Corp., EVP of Mtv Networks International (Viacom) and GM at Diageo Plc – he is well versed in transformational change and resilience.

Jodi Rilot
Partner, Executive Coach

Jodi’s coaching clients describe her as compassionate and challenging.  She came to coaching after a career in management consultancy and organisation development. Jodi has held senior leadership roles in Accenture, ITV and Openreach BT.

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